DIY Drip Edge Installation

When it is raining, you will need to consider about your roof. The leaking roof can get your some areas of your house get wet. If the leaky is not found on the roof, the water flow may be caused by the incompletely cover roof side. You will need to install the drip edge for preventing this annoying situation. This roofing appliance will make the water flow through the gutter in spite of entering the roofs.

In doing the drip edge installation, you do not need to always call the professional. You can do this work yourself. The time for installing the drip edge is when the roofing project has been completely done. To do this work, you have to start it from the corner. Use the roofing nails to attach the drip edge. The distance between the nails is around 18 inches. If you want to continue the drip edge installation with the next edging, you need to get two inches of it secured on the previous one.

The drip edge installation can be a fund work although it needs much focus and carefulness. There are various colors and sizes available to find. To make the water directly fall and flow through the gutter, you need to install the drip lower than the gutter upper edge.

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