Simple and Elegant Apartment for Single Women

You will find this elegant apartment in Stuggart. Consists of just one bedroom and a little bigger bathroom, this apartment is built for the needs of single women. The details of colors, motives and the accent are carefully chosen to create the effect of space and also luxury of a living place. This idea is completed through the accentuate of clarity and disclosure in the design.

The second floor consists of bedroom, bathroom, and also the closet room. These rooms are designed with the sense of fairy tale. On the other direction of the bed, the view of living room and dining room are seen through four connected windows and also with a huge curtain.

Ellipse window is placed together with a seating bench and allowing the owner to have visual conjunction with the bathroom. The materials used for the bedroom are mostly soft like carpet, leather, and furnished with light color and patterns.

The bathroom itself is designed with brown wooden-like pattern. Creates the over-storage effect, the mirror bathroom and the cabinet is long across the bathroom. Who wants this apartment, ladies?

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