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Aura : Simple Yet Elegant Door by Giuseppe Bavuso

I have seen alot of door shape in many kind of house and I think door is one factor that participate in building beauty looking for a house. Then, you have to take door that suitable into your home concept, because it’s quite important to strengthen ygour concept. I suggest Aura for minimalist house.

As I see, Aura is the modern and elegant yet it’s only for minimalist house. Aura which designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, has eye-catching looking and also has high technology for doors. Aura has center of spin in the middle of door, so with aura, you can go inside your room by passing the left side or right side.

Another technology in Aura is we can take Aura with magnetic closing profile (no lock) It means we don’t need to push or pull the door when closing, just let the magnet closing profile do it. The colour of Aura is white so the luxurious is more builded.

One else advantage from Aura is not spending a lot of space in house, bacause Aura work in middle spin way. With this aura, house that initially has minimalist concept can be widen into elegant concept. So if you have minimalist house, let’s have this Aura.